Principles of WTC

The program at WTC is directed and guided by principles of treatment.  These principles respect cultural healing practices and western practices of treatment. The following are principles of treatment:
  1. The program emphasizes the importance of the First Nations beliefs, traditions, values and customs.
  2. The program respects, values and honors First Nations cultural healing practices and affords residents the opportunity to be exposed to these methods of treatment.
  3. The program, at all times, respects the individual healing preference of all residents.
  4. The program is carried out in close consultation and communication with the resident’s family, extended family and the community.
  5. The program focuses on changing attitudes and behaviors of the residents with the objective of returning them to their families and communities. The residents will be in a position of strength and awareness of themselves as a part of a viable First Nation community and culture.
  6. The approach of programs and services delivery at the WTC is holistic and integrative.